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Miller Contracting Ltd has been a well-respected home-builder and commercial general contractor in the Prince Albert area since our inception in 1972. We believe in honesty, open communication, reliability, customer service, timeliness and managing every project we undertake in a cost effective way so that we can complete every job on time and on budget.

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Thank ya’ll for getting our home repairs done in an expeditious manner. After a year of working with all of you, we know why Miller Contracting is so successful…To all, keep your high standards and wonderful dispositions, and again thank you for caring so much about providing us with a quality home.

….We do brag about all of you to anybody that we can and the response always is ‘they have a terrific reputation for quality.’ Again, thank you. Bette & Todd Hartsfield

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13 hours ago
The Holmes family is now on ⁦ @CTV⁩ and they are looking for construction and renovation projects to work on across Canada!
2 days ago
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Do you know someone with an important cause in need of a renovation? @Make_It_Right, @mike_holmesjr and @thesherryholmes are now looking for change-makers to be part of a new CTV series! Learn how to nominate an individual, group or organization:
3 weeks ago
Ever wonder what #asbestos remediation in a home undergoing renovation looks like? Our friends at gotmoldglobal are looking after that in a home we are doing a substantial renovation to. Testing found some asbestos-…
4 weeks ago
Wow did we have fun at the Prince Albert Construction Association 2019 golf tournament. Best dressed team for sure! And, our very own Roslyn won Women's Closest to the Line drive!! #golf #aswingandamiss MillerContract photo
2 months ago
Speaking of the #mortgagestresstest , Mortgage Professionals Canada’s Will Dunning makes some good points. Government needs to revisit this onerous test on home buyers. @SaskatoonHBA MillerContract photo
2 months ago
Number of residential permits decline in Sask. | CTV News Regina